Summer Stars - Get Fit by Being Mindful-ish of Your Food. Interview with Monica Reinagel

Summer Stars – Get Fit by Being Mindful-ish of Your Food. Interview with Monica Reinagel – Episode 195

Episode Summary

Here on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, we talk a lot about fitness. We talk a lot about movement and adventure and reaching big goals. But there’s one important piece to health and fitness that I thought our guest Monica Reinagel could weigh in on. That important piece to the health puzzle is nutrition.

As a trained nutritionist, Monica will help answer all of our questions about food’s importance. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • The dangers of fad dieting
  • Why protein is important
  • Amazing tips for optimizing your nutrition
  • Being mindful-ish and what that means

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About Monica Reinagel

Monica is a trained nutritionist, author, and host of two amazing podcasts (Nutrition Diva and Change Academy) who dedicates her life to helping and coaching others to lead healthier lives.

Interestingly enough, before her podcast debut and her nutritionist credentials, she was also a trained opera singer! How cool! 

Tips for Nutrition

The awesome thing about Monica’s approach to nutrition is that it is simple. It’s upfront and easy to follow. It’s realistic, and it isn’t lost in all of the “eat this, not this” rules that society leads us to believe are the right way to diet. Among many things discussed, Monica shares some incredible tips including…

Don’t Do an Overhaul

It’s much easier to take small parts of your life and adjust then take your life and transplant it into a completely different diet and lifestyle. It’s just not sustainable. Start small. Look for little areas of improvement and work with what you already know.

Be Flexible

Life is going to happen! You’re going to get invited to a girl’s night out. You’re going to forget to pack your meal-prepped lunch. It’s okay. If you have a flexible mindset and know that things are going to come up, you are much less likely to just throw in the towel.

Be Forgiving

Understand that you (and your nutritional decisions) don’t have to be perfect. Knowing that you will make mistakes along the way will keep you moving forward. Let go of that “all or nothing” attitude, and understand that life happens sometimes and that’s okay.

Have Fun

We can’t just eat for our health. We need to have fun! Find things that you enjoy and that you look forward to! 

Be Mindful-ish

Adopting a healthy eating lifestyle is all about getting rid of the “shoulds.” Yes, it’s great to be mindful about what you’re eating, but take everything in stride. Our bodies, circumstances, and environments are constantly changing. It’s more important to discover a process for finding what works best for us so that we can adjust along the way.

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