The Mindset of a Champion Interview with Lesley McShane

The Mindset of a Champion: Interview with Lesley McShane – Episode 202

Episode Summary

This week on the Fit is Freedom podcast, learn how to have the mindset of a champion to reach your fitness goals! 

Lesley McShane is on a mission to help women discover that everything they need to create an epic and healthy second half of life already lives inside them. As a podcaster, writer, author, and ACSM certified personal trainer, she wants us to prioritize our fitness and nutrition NOW to feel better and live happier, longer lives. Her podcast Redesigning Midlife is in the top 1% of global podcasts.  She and her guests dive into the fact that it is never too late to feel amazing.  Everything we need to create an epic and healthy second half of life already lives inside us.

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More about Lesley McShane

I loved interviewing Lesley! To me, there is nothing more encouraging than a midlife woman who is living life full out! I enjoyed following the breadcrumbs of Lesley’s life that have led her to where she is today: a first class fitness coach, a global podcaster, and a winner in cyclocross cycle racing.

It’s always fun to see what makes people who they are (and so good at what they do)!

In Lesley’s words…

When I Was Little

  • I ran around screaming, “I Have The Power!” like a superhero
  • I loved riding my bike and pretending to be in the Tour de France

Today she is one the the most powerful fitness podcasters online, and she wins bike races!

Ready for easy Fitness Consistency, Accountability & Community? 

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What I Love

  • Getting up before the sun
  • Being anywhere with my best friend, my husband, Mike
  • The back deck, a good IPA, and nothing to do
  • A long bike ride with all of my cycling buds

Obviously, what she loves is foundational to her being such a great coach and mentor.

What She Shares on the Podcast

  • The Power of Journaling & Goal tracking
  • It’s never too late to follow your dreams
  • We are so much stronger than we know
  • There’s less competition in races at our age 😎
  • Follow your dreams, adjust your course when needed, and keep moving forward!

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