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What’s Working for These Women’s Fitness – Today! – Episode 184

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m going to be highlighting some of my clients and their most recent triumphs in hopes that some of you may connect with these stories and find some inspiration.

What some people may know is that I love working individually with clients from all over! I enjoy helping women feel inspired and find a health and fitness journey that sparks joy.

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Client 1

The first client I’m highlighting today wanted to reach her goals but hated a set plan! She didn’t want to feel like her day in and day out was micromanaged, and I understand that. So, we created a menu! Not the kind with actual food, but filled with choices of various exercises that she could pick and choose from throughout the week.

As time went on, this client started realizing that picking from her menu the day before was helpful because she could prepare the items she’d need ahead of time. 

Then, she started realizing it’s so much easier to lay out her menu for the week, and before we knew it, she was planning her weeks, seeing results, and enjoying the autonomy she had over her workouts and her fitness!

Client 2

My next client was completely bored with her workouts and routine. One day, I asked, “Well, what do you want to look forward to?” Immediately, her eyes lit up. When she realized what she wanted to accomplish, she found a journal and wrote out her plan to reach it. More and more, she realized the goal was the spark she needed to find inspiration in training and planning out her fitness routine.

Client 3

When Client 3 came to me, she was not active at all. She saw a lot of success at first, then she plateaued. After several weeks of not seeing the needle move (part of her fitness goals involved weight loss), we realized that she had never tracked her food and water intake.

After some simple paper tracking of these things, we were easily able to spot an extra 300-500 unnecessary calories and get her off that plateau.

Client 4

My next client was in her late 60s and had never lifted weights in her life! So, when she first tried them out, she wanted to be this perfect achiever and do everything right. While it’s important to focus on form, it’s also important to get curious and open your mind to having fun. 

Over time, she learned this lesson and focused on progress and fun by learning new exercises she never would’ve tried.  She even took some new pilates classes.

Client 5

Last but not least, I want to share about client 5, who, for a solid year now, has changed her habits and mindset completely. However, when she and her husband decided to ditch their conventional life and travel the world for 6 months, she panicked. She worried that all of her hard work would go down the drain.

We first focused on easily packable items. For example, running shoes, weighted vests, and resistance bands are easy to pack and great for little workouts. Then, she started getting creative! With each new city, she found at least one new (and fun) exercise to try! Whether it was stand-up paddleboarding or renting bikes, she planned little fitness excursions in each city, continued with her fitness success, and had a blast while doing it!

What Do They Have in Common?

I’d be willing to bet that you can see yourself in at least one of the clients I shared about today. They’re all unique in their wants, needs, and preferences, but I did observe they have some very similar qualities.


First of all, these clients all work with me. They have a support system that is focused on their health and fitness journey. It’s important to have someone to keep you accountable and help you through those rough patches.


If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s not going to stick. All of these awesome ladies found ways to spark their joy with their plans and their fitness journeys! 


Lastly, they all did some form of planning and tracking. It’s crucial to have a why and then make actionable steps to get there!  

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