The K&K Chat - health and fitness predictions for the new year

The K & K Chat – Health and Fitness Predictions 2024 – Episode 216

Episode Summary

Kelly and Kate Champion have health and fitness conversations about clients, the new year, and the new and exciting opportunity they are planning in March!  The inaugural episode of Kelly and Kate.  This will be a recurring segment where they plan to join their communities for a monthly podcast special.  

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All About Kate Champion

Like so many others, Kate didn’t find fitness and adventure until later in her life. She started backpacking at 55, she became an author at 57, and started her very own podcast at 60! She is an inspiring mental health professional who dedicates her time to bridging the gap between fitness and the great outdoors and mental health.

Connect with Kate Champion

Ready for easy Fitness Consistency, Accountability & Community? 

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New Year, New You?

New Year, New Opportunity!

Tips for a New Year

Takeaway Challenge

 If you are wanting a little activity to get your mind right on the new year, take a few minutes, grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and follow along…

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