Summer Stars - Be Like Joanna! Get Fit!

Summer Stars – Be Like Joanna! Get Fit! – Episode 197

Episode Summary

Are you ready to be inspired? I am absolutely inspired by this particular guest. Not only is she incredibly active, but she is also 81 years young and showing no signs of slowing down! Did I mention she’s my neighbor? 

On this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I am joined by my neighbor and good friend, Joanna, who is an absolute force of a human being! In the middle of the hot summer weather, she literally rode her bike to my house for the interview if that tells you anything! 

Join me as we learn all about Joanna, why she is so active, and her advice for us!

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About Joanna

Joanna has been a mover her whole life. From horses to gymnastics, she has done it all from a very young age. She loved movement so much that she majored in physical education and went on to be the head of the dance program at the University of Houston for 21 years. Since her retirement in 1998, she has found even more fun and new ways to move through swimming, tai chi, biking, and more!

Joanna’s Helpful Highlights

As Joanna shared about her life, here are some helpful highlights…

Keep Moving

One big highlight from this conversation with Joanna is the importance of movement! Joanna is a very active 81-year-old and you can simply hear it in her voice! Find a variety of things you enjoy that keep you moving, and never let age deter you from trying something new!


Joanna also shared that she loves to find ways to stretch out, preventing herself from “being a bundle of nerves and tightness.” Finding gentle ways to lengthen your body daily can really help with your mobility for the long haul.

Open the Door and See What’s There

In this episode, we learn that Joanna isn’t necessarily a big planner. She likes to “open the door and see what’s there.” This means that she believes we are always changing. She encouraged us to pay attention to our bodies, see where we’re at today, and determine what we’re capable of. Our interests and abilities constantly change, and if we listen to our bodies, we’ll always be able to find new and different ways to keep our bodies challenged and moving.

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