Use this Simple Course Correction to Stay On Track with Your Fitness

Use this Simple Course Correction to Stay On Track with Your Fitness – Episode 182

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Looking for a quick way to course correct and refocus on your goals and aspirations? Join me this week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast as I share an easy exercise that I complete once every 90 days that helps me evaluate where I am at, adjust where I’m heading, and envision my future successes.

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7-Question Guided Journal Session

If you’re a pilot, getting off course even 1% could be the difference between you landing in your desired location and somewhere hundreds of miles away. Similarly, it’s usually in the small decisions adding up that we get caught up and, of course, with our health and fitness goals.

One exercise I love practicing is journaling, and there’s a specific journal I do every 90 days or so that lets me pause, evaluate my journey, and make small adjustments. Here are the questions I answer…

  1. Where am I at?

    Whether your answer focuses on your mental or physical state, this is a great starting point. Think about how you’re doing and where you are currently as a way to understand how you feel things are going.

  2. Where have I come from?

    What has happened in the past 90 days (or it could be longer if it’s your first time to do this prompt)? Think about your journeys and your challenges, and just let them flow freely on the paper.

  3. What do I want to accomplish in the short term?

    In other words, where do you want to be 90 days from now? What do you want to be writing about yourself when you do this journal entry again?

  4. What were my wins in the last 90 days?

    Now that you have thought about where you’ve come from and what you want, it’s time to focus on the positive by pointing out what has gone well.

  5. What are my desired wins in the next 90 days?

    Seeing what has gone well so far is great, but now it’s time to shift to the future. Think about those wins you want to be jotting down next journal entry time, and write them here.

  6. What are my desired wins in the next 12 months?

    Expand your goals even further. Picture yourself in a year’s time. What wins do you want to be celebrating?

  7. What are my desired wins in the next 5 years?

    Lastly, think long-term. What wins do you desire to see in 5 years? Are there some bigger aspirations you want to check off your list? Jot them down here!
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