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“Help! I Feel Like I’m Always Starting Over!” – Episode 210

Episode Summary

There’s nothing like a big event to throw us off and shake us to our core. In this week’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how to handle situations that throw us off the fitness wagon.  We’ll go into how we should use that experience to help us grow and make us better for next time we jump back on! 

Not too long ago, I woke up to my world with no power in the midst of an unprecedented snowstorm. Did I expect this to happen? No! Did this interfere with my 10 week program and fitness goals? Yes! Am I going to sit over here and fret about it? No!

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I’m going to be sharing some tips for handling the unexpected including…

  • Understanding that timing isn’t just an excuse, sometimes it can really knock us down
  • There will never be a perfect time to start something.
  • Every time you fall off, getting back on isn’t starting from scratch. It’s starting from an elevated state.
  • Planning for perfection, but shoot for 80-90%
  • Giving yourself grace

We’ve all been there. Starting a new sugar detox, learning a new skill, or setting a new goal, then all of the sudden being hit with the unexpected. Well, remember that it doesn’t have to completely derail you!

Use the experience and keep moving forward!

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