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Part 2: How to Stay on the Fitness Track when Life gets Messy! – Episode 169

Episode Summary

The new year comes hand in hand with new goals, but what stops us? What keeps us from achieving our goals? Well, there are two things, actually: getting going and then keeping going. In part one of this two-part series, I shared how to get things going when you set a goal.

This week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, part 2, is all about how to stay on track once you’ve gotten started! These five tips for staying on track will be sure to help you reach your goals and maintain them indefinitely!

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Top Tips for Staying on Track

Long-term consistency doesn’t magically happen after you get going. Oftentimes, staying on track can be the hardest once life starts happening. From minor inconveniences to unavoidable situations, even people with the best intentions struggle to stick with their health and fitness goals. Here are my five favorite tips for staying on track…

1. FPA

FPA, otherwise known as “friggin plan ahead,” is my biggest and most important tip! From setting out your clothes the night before to checking the weather for the week to meal prepping.  Taking time beforehand to establish your plan will significantly increase the likelihood that you will follow through with your plans.

2. Accountability

While you may want to avoid using your best friend or partner, having an objective source to serve as accountability can greatly increase your stick-with-it-ness. Maybe it’s an app or a coach, or even a small group of friends with a similar goal. Having people know your plans and aspirations will make you think twice when you want to skip out or quit. 

3. Visualization

Seeing yourself accomplish a goal before actually doing so will greatly increase your motivation and dedication. It can be as simple as imagining yourself buttoning a pair of jeans you haven’t been able to wear in a while or crossing the finish line of an important race.

4. Fitness Statement

I always like having my clients come up with a question that they can answer in the form of a fitness statement. For example, asking, “Why do I wake up feeling so amazing?” And the answer is, “Because I am so healthy and vibrant!” Positive words and statements build our confidence and affirm our “why.”  You should consider giving this a try!

5. Anchoring

My final tip for staying on track with your goals, whether it’s the New Year or just another random Tuesday, is anchoring. I’ve found this incredibly helpful on my journey, which is why I’m sharing this with you today. You can anchor with smell, taste, touch, etc. Personally, I’ve found touch to be most effective for me.  I rub my fingers together while focusing on how good I feel after a big workout or race. Through anchoring, I’m connecting my feelings with my body and affirming the positive outcomes! 

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