Interviewed by a Fellow Fitness Buddy! Kate Champion takes the Mic

Interviewed by a Fellow Fitness Buddy! Kate Champion takes the Mic – Episode 203

Episode Summary

This week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m sharing an episode from another podcast where I was interviewed!  Listen to my mini crash course on fitness consistency, or read the show notes below!

Listen to the full podcast episode below!

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Show Notes from “Living Big Mindfully” Podcast Interview

In today’s episode of Living Big Mindfully, I chatted with Kelly Howard. Kelly is the Fitness Consistency Expert with a Touch of Adventure, podcaster, author, and adventurer who believes that when we feel strong, confident, and empowered, we can do anything!

Need a mini crash course in consistency? Kelly’s got you covered… everything from starting small and getting unstuck to staying motivated for the long haul. Then we take a deep dive into the importance of living well, creating a sustainable health-span, and using audacious adventures as a tool for lifelong learning, joy, and personal growth.

Kelly talks about the importance of finding community and candidly shares some of her personal struggles.

Make sure you stay tuned to Kelly’s actionable tips, strategies, and sage advice to help you get moving!

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Until next time…

– Kate x

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