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Take Time Off for Your Health and Happiness – Episode 173

Episode Summary

Join me as I share why stepping away from the hustle and bustle is essential, how to know when you need to take time off, and some tips on how to get a plan in motion! 

Do you ever get in a rut and simply feel like your spark is completely gone? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed and busy that you can’t even take time for yourself? 

Well, in this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m calling baloney on myself and so many others who constantly claim we’re too busy for some fun! More often than not, when we are at our busiest, we are also in most need of some fun and adventure!

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Why Do We Need Adventure?

Our definitions of “adventure” may differ. For some, it may be a hiking trip and for others, it may be a weekend at the spa or shopping with friends. No matter your definition, we all need moments in life to disconnect and change things up. Here are the main reasons why…

Change is Good

Change is so good for us. If we are stuck on that hamster wheel of life, it is important that we hop off every now and again to switch things up!

Recharge and Rest

Life is messy and stressful. An adventure will allow you the much-deserved time to recharge and find some quality rest. 


If we’re hustling and bustling too much, we will often lose ourselves. Taking a step back from all of your priorities for some good ole fashioned fun will allow you the space to re-prioritize your life.

Stretch it Out

New and fun experiences stretch us. They challenge us. It’s so good to get out of our comfort zones, and that’s a big reason why adventures are so important!

When do we know it’s time for an adventure?

Ideally, you want to go on an adventure before you reach your complete burnout point. Here are some ways to help you recognize when it’s time to change things up and prioritize some “you time.”

-Feeling Overly Tired
-Lack of Excitement
-Brain Fog
-Feeling Too Busy

If you notice that you’re feeling most of the reasons listed above, you may want to consider taking a break and doing something fun. Even if you went on an hour-long hike by yourself, that could be better than nothing! It’s all about quality over quantity.

How do we get an adventure in motion?

So you’re at the point where you understand the importance, you know you need an adventure, and now you want to plan one.  Well, here are my top tips for how to get the ball rolling…


Even if you aren’t at a point where you desperately need some “me time” or a fun adventure in your life, it can never hurt to stop and dream. Dream about big trips and small little getaways. Think about what you would want and what you would like to do!

Book Early

Once you have an idea, pay attention to your body and your mindset. If you notice you are having any of the signs listed above, try to book or plan your adventure before you get to the burnt-out point of no return!


Take a moment and try to anticipate what might get in your way of making your adventure a reality. While this may seem counterintuitive, anticipating potential obstacles can actually help you prepare and combat them.


After you’ve decided on everything, share it with friends and family. Telling people about it will help you to be accountable, making you less likely to back out.

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