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The Number 1 Question You Should be Asking Yourself Daily for Your Health and Fitness – Episode 175

Episode Summary

This week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m going to be sharing how we can use questions to get us out of our bad habits and on our way to creating new ones that better serve our fitness goals! 

Ever feel like one of those hamsters on a wheel? Constantly moving with your life kind of on autopilot? Sometimes, it feels like we repeat the same steps and days over and over, doing the same habits and routines.

When it comes to fitness, this can be a great thing or it can be a not so great thing if our habits aren’t leading us to where we want to be. 

My coach always says, “The quality of your life (and health) is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself.” He’s got such a great point, and I think we should dive a little deeper!

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Questions that Lead to Change

Whether we’re stuck in habits and we’re too busy to change or we’re simply that hamster on autopilot when we see the wheel, there are some ways we can get out of it. 

I believe all growth is preceded by a mindset shift. We have to change our thinking before we change our habits.  Asking yourself quality questions can really help. As a matter of fact, I was incredibly inspired by Will it Make the Boat Go Faster, which is a book by champion Olympic rowers who used this simple question to completely turn around their careers.

You see, they would ask this question when faced with all sorts of decisions…Going to the pub the night before a big practice, changing up their positioning, etc. In our lives, we need a guiding question! Here are a few that I think may help…

What would my life be like if I quit doing X?

Instead of thinking, “Why do I always keep eating candy at night?”, thinking “What would my life be like if I quit eating candy every night?” can really help shift it from a negative to a positive. Focusing on the outcome and what your life can be will be much more motivating (and create a lot less shame) in the long run.

What can I do on a daily basis that will make me more motivated?

This kind of question gets you to think deeply about what you’re doing and where it is getting you. Maybe you’d be more motivated to do something if it were fun? Maybe if it had a touch of adventure? Maybe you’re dreading your workouts and feeling completely unmotivated by them, so you need a change.

Regardless of whether it is about your fitness in terms of activity or what you’re eating, thinking about how to make yourself more motivated can help you out of that endless loop.

Will this make my body or health better?

Like the rowing team, this question comes with a yes or no answer, and I love it! Before sitting down with your nightly bowl of ice cream to binge Netflix, you ask yourself this question. Even if it only deters you 3 out of the 7 nights you did it this week, think about how that could impact your life in the long run as well.

When you’re going for a fitness lifestyle, it’s all about small, manageable changes over time, and asking yourself these questions can get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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