You Are Limitless -Interview with Kate Champion

Interview with Author Kate Champion – You Are Limitless – Episode 183

Episode Summary

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing that Kate Champion is back to chat with us about her new book, You Are Limitless, and discuss how we can overcome obstacles and achieve our health, fitness, and life goals. If you want to be inspired, you won’t want to miss this one!

On Episode 137 of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, we learned from Kate Champion, a talented author, therapist, and outdoor enthusiast. She discussed how it’s never too late to chase dreams, get on the trails, and train for big races, and how she found her inspiration from a woman dominating the trails while being well into her 60s. 

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About Kate Champion

Kate Champion is a mental health professional who found her inspiration for writing through watching others achieve incredible physical feats later in life. Since then, she has written her most recent novel, You Are Limitless, as a way to bridge the gap between the importance of movement and being in the great outdoors and mental health.

You Are Limitless

You Are Limitless highlights seven amazing people and their stories of overcoming grief, trauma, addiction, and other trials. This book not only serves as an incredible source of inspiration, but it also provides the reader with practical tips and strategies that can help you move your life in the direction you desire. 

How to Reach Kate

Importance of Hope

Like many of the stories in her book, Kate has firsthand experience overcoming struggles. She shares her challenging experience with two autoimmune diseases that essentially left her unable to move. Feeling scared, alone, and desperately trying to find answers, she was still able to find hope in the darkness. She believes we all can do this once we recognize our abilities to be resilient and find hope even at our worst. 

Importance of Role Models

Recently, I shared the importance of role models in a special episode celebrating my mother’s birthday! Similarly in this episode, Kate and I reiterate this importance and how seeing and reading about the amazing things people do can inspire us to do the same!

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