What to do if you fall off the fitness wagon or get sidelined by an injury – Episode 145

What to do if you fall off the fitness wagon or get sidelined by an injury – Episode 145

What happens if there’s an unexpected halt to your fitness goals? Whether it’s an injury, illness, or family emergency, this episode is all about taking in the unexpected and making it work for you!  

In part 6 of our Fitness Consistency is Key Series, we took a look at the top fitness consistency killers. We explored what happens in our day-to-day life that is putting a halt to our health and fitness goals. 

Ready to get the Keys to Consistency?

In this episode, I’ll be sharing my personal struggle with an unexpected injury that left me unable to move. However, after a period of playing the victim, I accepted my situation and used it to transform my business and my life.

Join me as we explore ways to prevent and avoid fitness injuries and how to handle them when they do rear their ugly head!

Listen to the full episode below!

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