Women enjoying hiking on the Appalachian trails

Smoky Mountains Fall Colors & Hiking

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Smoky Mountains Fall Colors & Hiking October 22 -27 Tennessee–North Carolina, USA  This year, we’re enjoying the fall colors in the Great Smoky Mountains! The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range rising along the Tennessee–North Carolina border. The Appalachian Trails cross them, and they form part of the Blue Ridge Province. This is the home of …

Hiking Clubs for Women Change how you think and see what's possible Interview with Anna Huthmaker

Hiking Clubs for Women: Change How You Think and See What’s Possible! ~ Interview with Anna Huthmaker – Episode 138

Episode Summary On this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, Anna Huthmaker, founder of Trail Dames, and I- swap some fun hiking stories and discuss the importance of women feeling empowered to get outside and see their own strength! Among other things, we’ll address all of the wonderful magic that comes from hiking and trail groups like Trail Dames …